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3655 East 67th Street
Tulsa, OK, 74136
United States


Beth Rengel Enterprises, LLC

Beth Rengel is a speaker and author of Anchored in Illusion. "When the spotlight dims, a former Beauty Queen and TV News Anchor finds out what's real and what's not."


Thank you Tulsa Sunrise Rotary Club!

Rachel Jackson

To Beth Rengel

I have heard HUNDREDS and Hundreds of Speakers at my weekly Rotary meetings, of Course...But I want You to Know this :  NEVER have I heard any of them Speak so effectively, and sincerely, from  the Heart...As YOU did, Today...NEVER !  My Fellow Sunrisers were absolutely BLOWN AWAY this Morning ! .. Beth, You shared your Perspectives...Your Personal Life...You Spoke Straight from your Heart, AND You Bared your Soul !  It was a lovely...and quite remarkable...deviation from what we normally Hear...And, This was your FIRST Speaking Engagement ???  WOW !  You will have MANY More, I'm sure !  When You do, Please Don't lose the beautiful way you delivered your remarks...and your heartfelt message... this Morning.  It was something quite special !   Beth,   Thank You !   Regards, Doug Horton, Sunrise Rotary Club