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3655 East 67th Street
Tulsa, OK, 74136
United States


Beth Rengel Enterprises, LLC

Beth Rengel is a speaker and author of Anchored in Illusion. "When the spotlight dims, a former Beauty Queen and TV News Anchor finds out what's real and what's not."


This is what makes that book writing journey so worthwhile.  I know I've reached many women, but when I hear from men, I know I have a message for all.  Thank you!  

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Beth Rengel - Jan Chambers
Beth Rengel - Judi Grove


I just finished reading ANCHORED IN ILLUSION.  I loved it.  I could relate on so many levels.  I grew up in Tulsa & graduated from the University of Tulsa in 1974.  As much as I enjoyed your book at age 65, I could have really used its wisdom 35 years ago.  I, too, always strived "to please".  I now lead a very fulfilling life in Dallas.  Like you, I have found my own voice.  Your well written book is inspirational, Beth.  Feel very proud of this accomplishment for it tops Miss Texas, news anchor, etc.  Hopefully, your book will reach the hands of many young women who are struggling with illusions.

Thanks for sharing such a personal and inspiring story.  Best wishes for continuing success!

Carol Claunch

Dear Beth

I spent yesterday afternoon reading your book from start to finish. So glad you included the pictures that you did. The content was beautifully written and meaningful to any reader.  Truly inspirational for even those who know you well and already admired your determination and fortitude.

In reading it, I didn’t realize how many junctures you had that could have taken you in so many directions but you generally stayed loyal to a previous choice you had made….like staying in a young marriage instead of becoming a soap opera star.  You would have made it because you are every bit as lovely as Susan Luci….more so!

I envy your choice to take time to have a child, and now a grandchild.  I loved my career but in retirement it can never compensate for a family…especially a daughter.  

Just wanted you to know that I loved the book and your persistence in writing it and getting it printed.

Love you girlfriend and I’m so proud to know you!

Kara Gae