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Beth Rengel Enterprises, LLC

Beth Rengel is a speaker and author of Anchored in Illusion. "When the spotlight dims, a former Beauty Queen and TV News Anchor finds out what's real and what's not."



Rachel Jackson

Boxing is my escape.

Most of us find something to do to take our minds off all the mind chatter that goes on in our heads on a daily basis.  It does for me.

 My hobby is boxing.  It has been a ritual every Wednesday morning at the local YMCA for 15 years.  I never thought of myself as an athlete.  In high school I was in choir and art.  I didn’t consider cheerleading as a sport like basketball or running.  But I am now!

For many years, I did the ladies group exercise hour session of aerobics or strength training three times a week.  I walked past the boxing class many times and out of the corner of my eye watch the men and women punching bags with amazement.  “I could never do that!”  I told myself.

“That’s a man’s sport! I’m not strong enough to do that!”

I had to walk through my fear!  The instructor was a 6 foot tall woman who was no doubt tougher than steel! She had arms any man would envy.  She had a six pack in abs that I’ve only seen on T-V.  She yelled at the students like a drill sergeant.  If anyone compromised the exercise, she yelled out “You’re cheaters?”  Ain’t no way I’m going into that room!  But one day, I had to challenge myself.  Dare I walk in there with absolutely no knowledge of boxing?

 I did.  She picked me out immediately as the newbie wimp.  She was my partner in sparing and I have to tell you, it was I could do to stand still holding my gloves up while she pounded them.  After class, I had two students whisper to me “Take some ibuprophen when you get home.”

 It took a lot of perseverance and aching muscles.  We jump rope for the first 15 minutes of every class. You have to push yourself…. Believe you can do it.  Even though to this day, I’m the oldest one in the class…. I know how to take it down a notch at times.  But it is one of the highlights of my week.

 I love that class because it’s a physical challenge and I call it my mental recess.  When I strike the punching bag I get into the rhythm of the music and the pounding sound coming from the other students.  It has made me stronger in every way.

Find something that challenges you.  Whatever it is…..  It might be the highlight of your week!